Mistral boasts various partnerships on both the national and international levels. The two key points of our partnerships are:

1. Collaboration: We pool resources and expertise to work together towards a specific goal.

2. Common Objectives: These objectives may involve project realization, new product development, and product promotion.


Officina 14

Officina 14 was established as a multi-brand showroom in the fashion sector, serving as the primary location for brand representation activities in various categories, including intimate apparel, beachwear, and clothing. For years, it has been the official location for Mistral’s showroom and serves as a direct connection to the company for the Northern Italy area

Visionnaire Consulting

Visionnaire Consulting is one of the leading strategic management consulting firms specializing in marketing and strategies with extensive experience in various sectors. It is based in Germany but operates in Northern Europe, Latin America, and Northern Italy.

Clarity business

Clarity Business Consulting, based in Romania, provides specialized consulting services through experienced consultants to help clients solve problems and achieve our goals through professional assistance and guidance in expanding Mistral in Eastern Europe.

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